Last site up and running.

Kristmas Kringle is finally up and running. I just need to make some adjustments to the responsive design for the heading and some of the images. I would like to thank Tammy and Dominick for all their help getting this one up. The DNS servers would not point to the site I built. But now thanks to Tammy and Dom we are all set. Yes, it has been a stressful 4 days. I have learned a lot from the issue at hand. The client is very happy as she is already on the web site. She is now looking to redesign her eCommerce site in January when her sales are slowest.

One Site Up One To Go!

Town Website

Town of Friendship

The Town of Friendship Website is up and mostly running. Had some major issue in migrating the website. The site has over 20 pages and is quite large to move with free plugins. Something to remember. I started at 9 pm and finished at 4:45 am. But it was up for the folks to get in and see it before 5 am. Working with Mail Chimp to fix the signup for the email of the Newsletter. They have been trying to figure it out for about 4 hour now.

Kristmas Kringle

Next one to move will be Kristmas Kringle. I am about done with hopeful the last small changes so I can get it migrated on Thursday. I has been hard to get the content needed to finish.

Week 10

My two girls watching me work.

Not much has changed. Still going through the Kristmas Kringle site section by section. Would like to get it up next week. The Town of Friendship site will be soon as well. Still have a lot to finish on it at this time.

Week Nine

As week nine I think is coming to a close. Kristmas Kringle website is almost done. I mean with the design elements and layout being near completions. I just need to go through the last section on the home page with the client. Move the website and setup the newsletter. I will be going with MailChimp. Then off to do a training video or a PowerPoint and some in person training if it would be allowed be that time.

Week 6

Working with Kristmas Kringle on getting me all the information such as images and content. They also want me to update their logo to go with the new web site. They seem to be very happy to be on getting a new web site for their store.

For the Town of Friendship they decided to have a page for the Volunteer Fire Department. It is almost done. They are also very happy to be included.

Week 5

Just received my paperwork back and will send the signed copies in on Saturday. Had some difficulties setting up WordPress at first. Kept getting a error on my one of the installation folders. So I installed it manually and it seems to be working just fine. If you are doing a WordPress site be sure to update you PHP server and the version of WordPress before you try installing a new theme. Yes, I learned the hard way won’t do it again.

My 2nd Internship

This week I was able to get my second internship at Kristmas Kringle. They have a web site built on an outdated Adobe product and need to update the web site. I will be building it in WordPress but the challenge will be to change the header and try to keep the feel the same as the current web site with updated features and look.

On the first internship I am working on getting the images together and also the content. There is a lot of content to this web site. I will be getting their input on the design and colors this week as well. I have been working on putting together the pages this last week and trying to organize them so it all makes since to the user. Please note the images and colors may not be as they are now. I needed place holders until I receive the images and colors they would like.